Monday, 28 July 2008

Family Holiday

Got back on Saturday from a week in Gran Canaria with the family. Mostly we just sat around the pool until we got hungry and the went out for food, slept in late and then started again. To think that when we planned this holiday I wasn't even sure I would make it.

Builders started tearing our kitchen apart this morning. The work should last 2-3 days .... and Pigs might fly.

Saturday, 12 July 2008

Fitting the Cancer routine

Strange how having Cancer has become part of lifes routine. As I can pretty much trust the Chemo rythym to make me sick on a specific 5/6 days in each 28 day cycles. So I now put them in my diary leaving me able to plan the rest of my life as around 100% normal (except the odd scans and result session).

1-2 Prepare Moscow event, Dentist
3-4 New aquisitions slide set
7 Prep Friday call, Pick up Chemo, Goto Market Webcast
8-10 Paris meetings
11-12 Chemo starts - Phone conferences and desk work only
13-17 Heavy Chemo Days - Light homework when possible
18 Customer Meeting
19 Off to Gran Canaria for 7 Days -- Hoorah

Its amazing how much work you can get done in less than 3 hours a day :-)
As long as it gets no worse than this I'll be a very satisfied sufferer.

Monday, 7 July 2008

Scan Pictures

Finally got the pictures for the Scans from the end of May. So now you can see what all the excitment was about.

This is the initial diagnosis from last August (no contrast agent used)

Here was the shock growth only three weeks later before any treatment started.

This was six months, much radiotherapy and chemo later in March 2008. The battle was really on.

Finally in May 2008, we are just about back where we started. Next time we are aiming to see the tumour go up is own ****.

Cool eh!

Friday, 4 July 2008

Suprises - Why we hate going to the Dentist


A couple of weeks ago I went to my dentist and she discovered that a cyst had formed under a broken tooth. So on Wednesday I had to go in for a "little Operation" (that word should have given me a hint).

When I got there the dentist he explained that he was doing this work rather than my normal dentist because he specialised in procedures where there was a lot of blood involved! He then explained the procedure, he told me that he would first remove the tooth and then clean up where the cyst was. Following that, because the cyst will have damaged some of the bone, he will use a granulate that uses calves bone to replace the missing bone and that would allow my bone to grow in its place. Finally a membrane made from collagen would be sewed in place (using 12 stitches, I counted em) to seal it off.

So after 90 minutes in the chair without any drilling or pain, I was packed of with a new appointment, antibiotics, antiseptic mouthwash and pain killers (in case I needed them).

I needed them about 3 hours later when the pain started and continued in earnest for the next day. On Thursday the pain has gone down a lot, but I looked like half a Hamster from the swelling which is just starting to go down now (Friday Night).

Looks like I'll be back to normal just as my next Chemo starts, Ho hum.