Sunday, 12 December 2010

Where to Start - Playlist

Here is the bad blogger back after only 7 months of absence this time. How to fill on the gap...

Honorary Weight Watcher

Became an honorary Weight Watcher (Carol and Amber are fully paid up members I just nicked the method from them), lost 20kg and am now the lightest I have been (75kg) since my early teens! Aiming for 70kg before I stop, and then all I need to do is keep it off.
If anybody needs proof that losing weight is all all about food and and little to do with exercise: I have been busy on so much other stuff recently that my exercise regime has suffered (droping to 2 or 3 times a week recently) but the weight kept falling off at the same rate!


Had an amazing two weeks in October in the Borneo jungle on a cruise down the Pandaw River .
Summary: Beautiful Kuching City, River Life and Longhouses, Witness the disappearing Rain forests (very scary) and how they can provide everything for rich human life, Incomparable fauna (Orang Utan & Proboscis Monkeys) and flora (Pitchers and Fruits). The grand Pandaw river, too much food and very few bugs! Last day shopping in Singapore .
Do it again? You bet.


Finally dumped my old Sony Ericsson P900 and replaced it with an Phone 4 that makes work a bit more fun and a bit more accesible.

The Library
After five years in our "new" house I finally built the long awaited Library on our gallery / landing. Very pleased with the result (thank you IKEA), I just need to convince Carol that it really is necessary to label all the books with their Dewey-Decimal classifications (or perhaps the Hewey or Dewey classifications).

Somewhat ironically we are just starting to move to book readers (Carol's Kindle is the first, but I expect some follow-ups soon).

Book List
Richard Dawkins - The God Delusion

One of the most significant books written in the last decade. Turned me from a Deist / Agnostic to a true died in the wool ATHEIST. I am an ATHEIST and proud of it. I think we Atheists should start to mobilise and stop being liberals on religion. All religion is untrue, dangerous and unnecessary. Thanks Richard.

Richard Dawkins - The Greatest show on Earth
The evolution book that should be required reading in all schools, but will never be because of the creationist lobby,


The minimal
Oneohtrix Point Never
Moebus & Beerbohm

That difficult follow-up to a masterpiece
Robert Plant - Band of Joy - Close to another masterpiece

The Brit Folks
Divine Comedy - Still fun after all these years
The Carthys & the Watersons - Quintessential British folk family

The Underrated
George Harrison - The most underrated Beatle - All things must pass is a masterpiece
Groundhogs - Underrated 60s (English Blues) /70s (Heavy Rock) band

Why do I do this?
Arcade Fire - The Suburbs each album is better than the last but I still don't know if I like them

The Arena
Gaslight Anthem - Eat your heart out Springsteen

A Discovery
I am Kloot

Bats For Lashes
Florence and the Machine
Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti


Hate it at the moment, need to get a change?