Saturday, 27 June 2009

End of a Tumour

The latest MRI CD arrived yesterday, so I've put together a composite of the side and top views at the same position from each scan set since August 2007 . The first two show the fast early growth during August 2007 and then the stabilization during the combined radio and chemo therapies in February 2008 and the then the almost complete obliteration by May 2008 resulting in almost identical pictures over the last year. All I have now is the leftover scarring (internal and external) which will stay with me until decomposition.

Prof. Nuero and Dr. Chemo were both well pleased at the stability over the last year (as was Carol and, not to mention, me). But they weren't pleased enough to let me work more than my current 30%.

So what happens now? We wait and watch, check it one more time on the 3 month check up cycle and then I''ll allow them to put me on to 6 month cycle if everything looks the same. Sometime of course it is likely to be back but where and how is anybody's guess.

Until then its time to forget about it and celebrate life as much as possible.

Friday, 19 June 2009

Week around the hospital

Started last weekend with a call from Joss at about 5pm on Friday. He asked if we might pick him up from Kantonspital Aarau (my regular home from home) as he had spent the afternoon there having his left kneecap put back in place after a particularly violent game of football at college had knocked it off (very painful I have been told in no uncertain terms) . Since then Joss has clattering around on Crutches and being driven (mostly by Carol) to all of his end of term appointments. He was given an appointment on Wednesday for an operation to have a look around inside the knee to check on the ligaments. The same day as my MRI results appointment.

I spent Monday & Tuesday at some meetings in Paris. Had a great meal at a "Pork" restaurant "Chez Cochon" on tuesday evening after a late meeting. Excellent food with some interesting Basque & French traditional pork meats.

On Wednesday morning, as I was flying back from Paris, Joss was under the Knife and under Anastasie . I arrived for my 2pm appoint just in time to see him post op before going to see my Neurologist & my Oncologist.

His operation was a success in that everything was opened and closed leaving only three scars and only one of those worth showing off. From the point of operative procedures nothing significant was required. Now all that is left is lots of Physio and 7 weeks off work hobbling around on crutches. Poor guy.

Oh, by the way, my tumour is stable and tiny, no change at all, nada. That is great news. I'll put some pictures together once I have the MRI CD.

Wednesday, 10 June 2009

A Very Bad Blogger

Over 2 Months without an entry.
I have no excuses it is not that nothing has been happening, quite the opposite, but nothing to do with my tumour.

I am going to cheat and fill in some things by backdating some new entries concerning events in the past 2 months.

My health is fine (no seizures for 15 weeks!) and I have been doing a lot more exercise recently. Still get a little more tired than I used to but that could be old age creeping on. Had the latest MRI last week but won't get the results until next Wednesday. Look out for the backdated and hopefully some new posts.

Monday, 8 June 2009

Event ends with a crunch

Forgot to post this when it was written.

Spent last weekend at the AGM of the Institute of Engineering & Technology (Switzerland). The meeting and the accompanying lectures were held in Bussigny a small village just outside of Lausanne. Carol and I drove down Saturday morning and stayed over until Sunday afternoon.

Apart from the usual activities of an AGM there was some interesting stuff too :-) including three lectures, two around mobile network activities The first was "Next generation mobile networks" from Dr. P Meisner, Operating Officer of NGMN Alliance and the Second was about a Professional network of Wireless Pro's "Wireless Monday" who are doing some innovative work in their "spare" time from Dr. C Florian. The final lecture was from Prof. Gardiol about the experiments carried out by Marconi in Salvan (CH) and the controversy between Italy and Switzerland over where these early important experiments were carried out.

Hm, perhaps that is the real strategy behind Italy's redrawing of their borders due to the glacier changes. Salvan is only 20km to the Italian border :-)

Had a nice meal in the evening complete with a musical inderlude from a couple of our members. Next morning we took a wander round the lakeside in Lausanne taking in the unexpected weather. Got back late Sunday afternoon and finished the weekend with a bang.

As we came into the turning place for our drive Joss called us on my mobile to ask when we were coming back, I told him, of course, soon and hung up the phone. For some reason I assumed I had already put the car in reverse to make the final maneuver into our drive and discovered I hadn't as we moved forward and into our wall..... One of those especially embarrassing and, no doubt, expensive maneuvers.