Saturday, 27 June 2009

End of a Tumour

The latest MRI CD arrived yesterday, so I've put together a composite of the side and top views at the same position from each scan set since August 2007 . The first two show the fast early growth during August 2007 and then the stabilization during the combined radio and chemo therapies in February 2008 and the then the almost complete obliteration by May 2008 resulting in almost identical pictures over the last year. All I have now is the leftover scarring (internal and external) which will stay with me until decomposition.

Prof. Nuero and Dr. Chemo were both well pleased at the stability over the last year (as was Carol and, not to mention, me). But they weren't pleased enough to let me work more than my current 30%.

So what happens now? We wait and watch, check it one more time on the 3 month check up cycle and then I''ll allow them to put me on to 6 month cycle if everything looks the same. Sometime of course it is likely to be back but where and how is anybody's guess.

Until then its time to forget about it and celebrate life as much as possible.

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Lyn said...

fantastic news!