Thursday, 20 November 2008

Scans Looking Good

Sorry about the delay.  Lots of things been happening, but more of that later.
I just had to get on and say that after 3 months without treatment the latest MRI shows Tumour hasn't really changed and the fluid and scar tissue, although it looks a bit different (technical term), is looking OK too. So I get another 3 months reprieve, and can look forward to a treatment free Christmas and new year.

Carol and I are driving to the UK tomorrow (well I'm driving, Carol's riding) for a week of family and shopping. 

One of the reasons we are going back is to visit my dad. He is suffering from late stages Alzheimer's and I feel bad about not visiting him for a while.  He doesn't normally recognise anybody from the family any more and that is quite a painful experience. I hope it is less painful for him, but who knows what goes through his mind nowadays.

I doubt you'll hear from me until I get back but then I'll fill you in on all kinds of stuff.

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Anonymous said...

Hope the trip went well. I am off to Bristol today. Rob