Thursday, 5 March 2009

MRI News, No Change or may be not

Finally got the results of the MRI from 16th February.
Only seen the report so far so no pictures yet. So how does it look?

Zum Vergleich liegt die letzte Kernspintomographie des Sch├Ądels vom 14.11.08 vor.

Looks the same as it did on the last MRI of the skull from November 2008.

Don't you love the German word for Magnetic Resonance Imaging - Kernspintomographie, much more "Nuclear Age" rather than the "Magnets" of MRI don't you think.

In the detail of the report we can see a little more:
No signs of Atrophy or Vascular (vessel) disease around the Biopsie scars. Good start.

At the end of the biopsy canals (from where they stole a bit of brain from me) there are two licorice intensity defects of 8x5mm and 3x7mm (ie. my sharp looking tumour has become a couple of fuzzy blobs). On the larger of these there is an un-sharply bordered, anomalous, discrete enhancement that might indicate a very light tumour growth.

That is not something I wanted to see, but at least they recommend another 3 month before the next check up so that must be good, or may be they want me to have a little bit more fun before the onslaught.

P.S. Anybody interested in looking at a full MRI report (in German), just put in a vote and I will put one up with all the names and stuff to protect the innocent.

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Anonymous said...

Your blog has been part of our/my journey with loving/caregiving a patient with GBM. I am always keeping you and your family in my prayers. Your "humor" in confronting this disease is a blessing, as I do believe that an upbeat attitude, in conjunction with a "I'm going to beat it" demeanor is the way to go!!!
You're thought of every day on this journey.