Thursday, 29 April 2010

German lessons again

Since I started working in a more international role my bad German has got worse. Carol reckoned her's has also got worse, but she has no excuse :-)

Given this we thought we would take a few lessons to catch up a bit so we we signed up for a course at the local Volkhochschule ("Adult Education Centre" but literally "Peoples high school"). The course was titled "Deutsch für leicht Fortgeschrittene", a bit of a weird name "German for the lightly advanced" but it seemed to fit our advanced but poor German.

As we approached the start of the course we both got a bit worried about what we were letting ourselves in for. Even after 20 years in Switzerland we don't consider our German advanced (and neither do our kids)

Anyway the fateful day of the first lesson (last Tuesday) came and we entered the classroom to find that

First: we had been the course saviours, that is, we had made up the numbers to allow this particular course to continue and
Secondly: that "leicht Fortgeschrittene" really meant "early advanced" Whew!

We were hoping to have a lot of more advanced conversations, but the other students are not at the level we had hoped. Oh well, they are a nice bunch of ladies (I'm the only guy, and unusually I am the tallest in the group!) I guess that we will finish the course (and do the homework), its all good revision.

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