Friday, 14 December 2007

Chemo Over

The first cycle of Chemo has been over for two days now and the possible after effects have not emerged apart from the need to have a short nap in the afternoon to fend off some tiredness.

Although I feel good, that does not mean I feel perfect. I still suffer the very occasional seizures and I seem to grind my teeth for some reason. My right side always feels a bit "funny" and it's sensitivity is still up and down. I get occasional feelings of anxiety and my left eye sticks together in the mornings. Small headaches on the left side are still common.

With the falling temperatures outside I also have to make sure I wear a good hat otherwise the plate in my head gets cold and causes sharp headaches!

What is amazing is how quickly you get used to these minor health problems as being a part of your normal life. I guess that adaptability, that we all have, is something I should be thankful for, as it allows me to live a pretty normal life at the moment.

I just had a thought, when people ask me how I feel and I say I feel good what I actually mean is that mentally I'm able to handle what has been thrown at me and to still enjoy a full life, but I guess that is what all of us mean really.

My daughter Amber, on the other hand, does not feel good and has been getting progressively more sick for several weeks now and nobody can figure out why. Doctors say its bacterial so have given her Antibiotics but she continues to get worse and is now too weak to eat properly. I'm now getting seriously worried for her.

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