Friday, 7 December 2007

Chemo Prep - So Soon

Had an appointment with Proffesor Neuro and Chemo Man today (my real life comic books heroes). This was to make sure that I'm fit enough to start the 1st cycle of chemo treatment tomorrow.

For those that have forgotten (pay attention now): I will be on 6 monthly cycles with the first cycle consisting of five days of Temodal (temozolomide) at 300mg dosage and 23 days rest. The second and subsequent cycles will consist of five days of Temodal at 400mg dosage followed by 23 days rest.

Apparently I am fit enough for my next dose of Toxins so I start with the tablets tomorrow morning an hour before food and half an hour after my anti-nausea pills (Zofran Zydis from planet puke). Oh well, just the next steps towards becoming Captain Toxic (I hope the resulting super powers are worth it)!

I have been taking enough pills recently to rattle, but there are none that upset me more than these. You wouldn't believe how hard they are to swallow, metaphorically and otherwise. The thought of what they are doing to me is in itself sickening. This is made even more difficult when I know how little our medical friends know about their effectiveness, and I know that all we are trying to do is kill the symptoms of an incurable disease.

But hey, if there is a chance the stuff can buy me another year or two, being poisoned is a small price to pay, isn't it?

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