Wednesday, 31 December 2008


We decided that this year would be the first time our "kids" Christmas stockings (with little packages therein) but we resented for the baby of the family (17) because he hasn't had as many years of it as the girls. 

We also warned everybody that this year we would buy smaller presents for everybody now we have the new grandchildren and husbands / boyfriends,  another promise broken I think especially when I look at what I got (you really shouldn't have).

We did the baking early enough this year that before Christmas it had all gone and we had to do it again.

The Snow came down heavily on December 16th 

And had gone completely by the 23rd, so no White Christmas

This year we decorated in Blue and Silver because we have had Red & Gold (my favouirite) for too many years, I'm told.

We did the usual Chrismas day with the whole of the nuclear family plus electrons and the occasional photons coming around late Christmas Eve and staying 'til morning and forgeting to to leave until Boxing day. 

From the readings on the bathroom scales it was clear that we had a fine Chrismas.  

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