Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Confusing Scan's

I Got the scan CD at the beginning of December for the scans of November and I planned to do one of the super comparisons that I did back in July. Unfortunately that was not so easy this time.

For the past two sets of scans they used a different scanner (the left one for anyone being treated at Aarau Kantonspital) and when I looked at the two sets compared with the earlier scans it was difficult to make a simple comparison. 

Instead of showing a clear Tumour the pictures where a lot more fuzzy and indistinct. In fact to my uneducated eye it was a difficult to see what was going on. Also, the format was square rather rectangular and the resolution lower. I'm sure that the experts understand the pictures fine, but I would rather have pictures from the other scanner (the right one) to look at. I'm wondering if I have been put on an old (cheaper) machine while I have been improving?

Anyway the point is I am not going to put up the scans this time and I'm going to see if I can get on the other scanner next time. Perhaps I need to complain about some deterioration in my health next time to get on the better machine :-) 

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