Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Busy day preparung for Op

Seemed to have seen everybody today.

First off I got all the usual checks. Blood tests, Blood Pressure, body temperature and quick strength tests

Next the neurosurgeon came in and told me the show would start at 9 in the morning he then explained the procedure (drill hole, remove gunk, seal up), and offered me a bonus.

My last operation (the Biopsy) five years ago left me with a significant dent in my head. Although this can be used as the base of endless jokes involvingik pick axes and places to store your haircream it has often brought too much attention from kids much to the embarasment of their parents. But more annoyingly it has became a hair trap requiring judicious use of a nose hair trimmer to keed it clear (too much info?)

Anyway the surgeon offered to me a bit if cosmetic work and I accepted on the condition it did not add any risk, I am not that vain.

And of course the last thing the surgeon did was was to get out the marker pen and mark the position of entry (I kid you not, its procedure)

Next along I got an ECG to check to my heart was par for the op and then the anistathist to explain her process. This seems to be by far the most important of all
the processes and the one that more than anything will keep me alive. Of course I am in no way demeaning the man with the knife and the steady hand (i hope).

Last up was a whole bunch of eye tests including, strength, peripheral, colour etc. Because tumour 2 is sitting close to the vision centre of my left eye that wanted chech on any recent damage and later if it gets better or worse. Getting any worse would be a major suprise seeing as I am pretty much blind in my left eye already!

Just had my last Pre-op meal, now its only water until the op is over.
Think I'll grab a shower and cudle up wish a movie and aim for an early night.

Good Night

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