Saturday, 22 September 2012

Horror Show

This is my second post since surgery, and is all of my own work
(last one was dictated to Amber)

In order to put this together, I needed some tools
As my reading is somewhat worsened due to some peripheral vision issues.

So to write this I make short sections and then play them back using my iPad's "text to speech" utility.

I think my reading seems to be getting better but omly symbol recognision. For example, i had lost the ability to read an analog clock but that has come back. My ability to use a keyboard seems also improved

My general health is OK although I feel rather tired.
Emotionally I am much more stable.

For your entertaimment here is the official horror show from the 9th of September.
Please forgive Carol's shaking hands, but you can agree the pictures are pretty grizzly.

The new scar and its 24 stapers

The repair job, I hope it worth it

The pair

On Monday morning I shouid get my staples (new scar) and stitches (dent repair) removed. In the afternoon I have a pre Oncology check up to see if I am fit enough to be poisoned and radiated.

By the way, writing this blog is a very slow and stressfull process and consequently the result loses much of it's personality, and I apologise for that,


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