Wednesday, 19 September 2007

The Chemo Man (Oncologist)

Today's appointment with the Oncologist responsible for my Chemo dosage didn't really tell me anything I didn't already know, but I guess it was nice for him to take the time out.

I'll be taking Temozolomid (trade name TEMODAL) which thankfully comes in nice colour coded tablet form. In order to calculate the dose they take your weight and height and work out your body surface from that (mine is 2.0 square meters)

For the time I am having radiation therapy I'll get a dose of 75mg/sqm per day (150mg)
1st post radiation cycle starting 4 weeks later I'll get a dose of 150mg/sqm (300mg) for 5 days
2nd-6th 28 day cycles I'll get a dose of 200mg/sqm (400mg) for 5 days
And rumour has it they keep going until it stops working or they try something else.

Summary: They stuff me full of Toxic stuff for as long as I can take it
If you want to know how toxic see

My current plan is to see how well I'm doing after the concurrent phase and then try and get some extra poisons added (high dose Tamoxifen and Thalidomide) if I feel up to it.

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