Monday, 14 January 2008

Chasing Daylight

The effects of this last session of Chemo went on longer than the last by an extra day or maybe two. I guess that is down the increased dosage. I hope I get used to this. Interesting though I've had no seizures for 10 days now, the biggest gap since September, so I hope that is a positive sign.

On Friday I had a great lunch with a colleague I haven't seen for a long time. After talking the usual state of health stuff we had time to talk about Enterprise architecture and some of the work we've both been doing for our respective firms.

He brought me a book which I had not seen before called "Chasing Rainbows" It's written by Eugene O'Kelly (or rather a ghost writer, almost literally in this case) who until May 2005 was the CEO and Chairman of KPMG US when he was diagnosed with late stage brain cancer (in fact he had 3 golf ball size GBM tumours). This is the story of the the 3 months he had to live and how he dealt with it. This is one of the few books of this type I can recommend (I read the book in just a couple of sittings). I got a few tips out of it, and perhaps more importantly some confirmations of my own thoughts. My only complaint is that it reads like a US business book. i.e. it repeats itself too much.

Thanks for the present Frank.

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