Friday, 9 May 2008

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Sorry I've been missing for a while. Its partly I haven't had too much worthy to write about and partly because I have been so busy. So here is a quick summary.

My really cool birthday present from Carol finally arrived. It's a 110cm high Indoor waterfull black, iconic and beautiful (and about 120Kg). Impossible to describe the water effect, but the shape is a pile of square granite tiles each one offset from the one below. It reminds me of the Black thing on the cover or Led Zeppelin's Presence (except much bigger)

Weather has been great so I've spent a lot of time in the Garden watching Carol work :-)

Been at a conference in Athens this week, must have put on 4kg's (haven't dared to look) due to the fabulous food in great locations (Overlooking the Acropolis, Along the Seafront at Sunset, in a private Baroque museum)......The conference was OK too.

Oh yeah, and my health. since finishing the Chemo, nothing worth mentioning except I'm having less seizures and less headaches. In fact pretty much less of everything.

Someday's I go without a thought for my little pest.

Current Music list (a bit eclectic this time):
Portishead 3 - Worth the 10 years wait (but I'd like the next one a little sooner)
Loads of 80's Indie (Cocteau Twins, Belly, Eels, Garbage.......)

And a couple from Finland with odd instrumentation:
Gjallarhorn - Ranarop (Folk)
Le Sega del Cantro - Das Kekkonen (Jazz/Folk Duo)

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