Saturday, 26 April 2008

Tutankhamun & the Sultan

The kids took Carol and I out on Friday as a birthday present to see the new Tutankhamen exhibition showing in Zurich. The centre pieces of the exhibition are simulations the graves as they had been found when originally opened Howard Carter. These were a quite interesting addition to the usual Tutankhamen exhibitions but overall the exhibition was rather small and not many original artifacts were on show, taking only just over an hour for a good look around.

The plus side was that we got to the after event restaurant earlier. The kids had chosen the Sultan, a Tunisian restaurant (couldn't find an ancient Egyptian close at hand) with excellent food (Mesa, couscous and other Tunisian specialities), authentic surroundings and friendly staff.

Thanks Amber, Kayleigh, Mario and Joss for a lovely evening evening out.

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