Thursday, 3 April 2008

Feeling Miserable

After no Chemo side effects for three days, the old nausea came down hard. I've been trying to work to keep mind off it but I keep loosing concentration (Sorry to anybody reading documents from me the past few days).

Although I classify how I feel in the classic Chemo symptoms of nausea and tiredness, it really just extreme feeling of unwellness where doing nothing makes it worse, but doing something is just so difficult. Does that make sense? And the worst is my food tastes so bad on the odd occasion when when I want to eat it.

Oh well, I'm hoping tomorrow will be be better. And then only one more cycle (probably) before a "treatment" rest.

Earlier in the week I made contact with an old friend who I hadn't talked to in around seven years, during most of this time he has been suffering painful problems related to his liver on and off, but mostly on. He is now waiting for transplant with even more pain expected during recovery. The most amazing thing is during this time he has taken on working with kids at a a local zoo and wildlife park and became a samaritan finally becoming the chairman of the local samaritans. It puts my feeble problems into perspective.

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