Tuesday, 2 October 2007

Concurrent Radiation and Chemo therapy starts

I started my concurrent Radiation and Chemo therapy today.

First to the Oncology and Haematology unit to pick up my Chemo and schluck the pills down (150mg Temodil; Temozolomide). I was also given some pills (Paspertin; Metoclopramide) that should help with any Nausea I might suffer. Then over to the Radiation unit.

The Radiation Therapy is quite literally painless.

First I was shown the control room (as it was my first day) which has a PC which drives the accelerator gear that generates the X-Rays, and a bunch of monitors that are connected to cameras in the therapy room so they can make sure I'm OK during the therapy.

I was then led into the therapy room where I was asked to lie on a table behind which the accelerator gear sits. I then had my (previously made) mask fitted and clamped to the table, the lights were dimmed and the two radiation technicians lined me up by moving the table to align lasers on the the mask's alignment points. The lights were then brought up very brightly (I guess for the benefit of the cameras) and I was told that the treatment would now start.

The technicians retired to the safety of the control room and after a few seconds I heard the accelerator head (if that is the right name) positioning itself for the first of two 3D doses. Each dose lasted about a minute with about 30 seconds repositioning time in between. All you notice during the treatment is the whine of the accelerator as it delivers the dose and the whirr of the robot as it repositions.

Once completed one of the technicians came to release me from the table and we said our goodbyes until tomorrow.

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