Sunday, 21 October 2007

Hair Loss

Eek, I'm losing hair around the radiation entry points, big clumps of it.

Kayleigh spotted it while we were out at a chinese restaurant in Baden celebrating Carol's birthday. Carol then mentioned she had already spotted it earlier (a bit of Mother-Daugter oneupmanship :-). but had decided not to mention it becase we were discusssing what comes after death (nothing, afterlife, reincarnation etc) at the time and thought I might get upset! Anyway I reached up to my head and gave a pull and found myself with a handfull of hair, not exactly conducent to a succesful dinner, so I hid it away as carefully as possible for later disposal. But then, of course, the urge to do little pulls during the evening were irresistable. Hope nobody noticed.

I was warned this would probably happen, so I'm not worried, but it does mean getting Carol to do some creative hairstyling. Luckily I'm nearly bald already, so maybe I should give in and go topless.

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