Saturday, 20 October 2007

World Cup Final - Rugby

I decided to change the order of my Timonil (Carbamazepine) Retard intake to try and reduce the focal seizures moving from 1/0/2 to 2/0/1 because I reckoned that it made more sense for a retard to be working most during the day and not overnight (I know I should of checked with the Nuerologist first, but....). Ive also stopped taking it together with the Chemo in the morning in order to have it with food an hour later (as suggested on the insert). Had one small seizure (Ian grade L1 at 13:30, but early days yet)

Got a bunch of people coming over this evening to witness the slaughter of South Africa by England in the real World cup final....Rugby. We have South Africans and English in the house so we probably use the Swiss as referees in the living room. In fact my son-in-law played for the Swiss national Rugby team, and I played a little at university (obligatory at Salford) so there is plenty of Rugby in the family.

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