Sunday, 4 November 2007

Busy Sunday brings on the Seizures

All the crew around our place today, for the fortnightly get together. Spent a couple of hours playing Singstar this afternoon, fun for parties of any size and singing ability not as important as one might think. Suffice to say, scores will not be revealed here

Downside, got the first two little seizures since upping the anti-seizure dose, but I guess it was a fairly stressful day. All the same a bit of a disappointment. I'm convinced I'm taking longer to recover from them now even though the actual symptoms are very mild.


Sarah said...

I found your blog in a random search on GBM. My mother is at the end stages of her fight with GBM and I have been looking for support information.

I want to wish you the best of luck in your fight against what is a terrible, terrible thing.


Ian said...

Thanks Sarah,
You probably won't find much support for your your mother here as I've just started the journey. Best wishes to you and your mother.

Sandee said...

My cousin was diagnosed with GBM a little over 2 years ago, he is now bedridden & his speech is severely impaired .... we truly feel helpless :( I too have been battling metastatic breast cancer for 9 years. Thinking of you & keep fighting, this dragon mustbe beat!

my website:

Ian said...

Hi Sandee,
It's knowing that there are so many worse off than me that keeps me fighting. Never give up the fight, and make sure the doctor's are doing everything they can (check out &