Thursday, 15 November 2007

Radiation Therapy Ends

Today was the last day of the combined Radiation / Chemo stage of my therapy. It'll be 3 weeks before I start with the first "Chemo only" cyle of 7 days. That means no more daily trips to the hospital, and (I hope) less of feeling so tired most days of the week.

Here are a couple of pictures taken today in the therapy room (thanks to the staff of Kantonspital Aarau and photographer Carol).

The first photo shows the accelerator machinery behind me on the super manoeverable table before being masked.

The second photo shows me being clamped down into my mask (great nose eh). The target you can see is one of two used to align the machinery via laser pointers on the ceiling.

The final shot below shows the burning sustained at one of the beam entry points (top left), and the way my hair follicles have been knocked out (it's not bad shaving), this should grow back eventually.

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