Monday, 12 November 2007

Christmas Bazaar

Another busy weekend. On saturday Carol, Kayleigh and I went to the annual English Christmas Bazaar in Zürich organised by St. Andrews church. This is where all us expats get their odd English things for the festive season (Christmas Crackers, Sweet Mincemeat, Christmas Puddings, Rich Fruit Cakes...). But more importantly, to Carol at least, is they have a huge second hand english book sale where you can pick up a carrier bag full of books for CHF40 (the cost of 2 new books) and get rid of some of your old ones.

I guess you might find me celebrating Christmas a bit hypocritical following my previous posts, but the way we celebrate Christmas has more to do with family get togethers and Peace & Goodwill to all men than the birth of the founder of Christianity.

On Sunday Carol & I joined a couple of friends for a great Brunch in Zürich. Hope the parking fine doesn't bankrupt you R.


Rob said...

The Brunch was great thanks for coming. The tangle with ZH police is another example of typical Swiss bureaucracy. After 33 years of living here I will still never understand this attitude. One day the empire will strike back :)

Rob said...
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Anonymous said...


I was sorry to hear (by way of Arthur Metry via Ahmad) of your illness. Be assured that my prayers for a speedy recovery are with you.

Best regards,

Ted Gerbracht

Ian said...

Hi Ted,

Lovely to hear from you and thanks for your prayers.