Saturday, 17 November 2007

Pre-Christmas Cleaning

I'm feeling great just two days after my first bout of treatment has finished. The afternoon tiredness that was knocking me out in the afternoons seems to have gone already .

Carol decided to start the giant pre-christmas cleanup today. I got the job of dusting the ceilings. Sound easy enough, except that our ceilings are mostly under the eaves, with high points at over 5.5m That means perching up on tall ladders with feather duster in hand. As you can guess this is work for more than one day. The good thing is that Carol was happy to let me do it, now that wouldn't have been true a week ago.


Anonymous said...

Matie....good to see you up and about. Lots of love from Down Under..Tim and family.

Ian said...

Thanks Tim, news seems to travel long distances as well as fast. Sorry I didn't tell you direct, but it's difficult to tell such bad news without feeling guilty that you spoilt someone's day.