Saturday, 3 November 2007

Morbid Day

We had what Carol calls a morbid day.
That is, thinking about stuff we should do so that we are ready for the worst.
Sometimes I think it's a bit unfair knowing you have a severely shortened life span, and thus feeling an obligation to sort stuff out for your own demise! But then you remember this is about making things just a little bit easier on the loved ones that have to survive you.

You would be amazed at some of the wierdest stuff you end up putting on the todo list. There is all the usual like pensions and life insurance and wills (I keep joking I've got nothing to give away that wouldn't need upgrading in a year), but then there is looking into things like can I get my no claims bonus transferred to Carol seeing as she has been driving as long on my insurance as I have.

The trick with morbid days is to try and disconnect the actions from the emotions. I seem to be able to do this better than Carol, is this a man / woman thing do you reckon?

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